RUTO may circumvent CJ KOOME’s Judiciary to have his way as the Haitian Government now tells him what to do to ensure the deployment of 1,000 police officers

 Wednesday, January 31, 2024 – The Haitian Government is hell-bent on receiving the 1,000 police officers that President William Ruto promised despite a Kenyan court ruling otherwise.

Following the ruling by Kenya's High Court barring 1,000 Kenyan police officers from going to Haiti, the foreign government has proposed setting up a bilateral agreement.

According to a Haitian government official, they had asked Kenya to set up a bilateral security agreement that would make the deployment of Kenyan police officers possible.

If approved, the country hopes that with the new agreement, the High Court will rule in their favour after Ruto vowed to appeal.

The Caribbean country expects that the agreement will lay out a clear way of deploying the officers.

Additionally, Haiti would outline its responsibility in the ties.

High Court Judge Chacha Mwita last week ruled that Kenya and Haiti lacked a reciprocal arrangement and thus the deployment could not commence.

"It is not contested that there is no reciprocal arrangement between Kenya and Haiti and for that reason, there can be no deployment of police to that country," Mwita ruled.

However, despite the ruling, Ruto has promised to deploy Kenyan police to the war-torn country. This is part of a UN-approved security mission.

The ruling to halt the deployment of police officers, caused tension in Haiti as citizens lamented about the gang violence making life unbearable. 

The locals appealed to Ruto to disregard the ruling and continue with the deployment.


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