RAILA watches in disbelief as rowdy youth disrupt his rally in Busia – Look! Were they working on orders from above?

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was forced to temporarily halt his speech after a rowdy group became unruly, disrupting a rally he was holding in Busia County.

Raila was forced to plead with the group to calm down. 

He would later accuse unknown people of planning to instigate chaos well before the rally. 

Nonetheless, the former Prime Minister remained defiant, stating that ODM was prepared for anything thrown its way.

"Sit down, there is no need to run young men. We are used to this chaos, this is normal in politics," Raila stated.

During the fracas, a few people on the podium were seen holding up their seats which ended up causing a commotion.

Those on the ground were heard shouting but it was hard to decipher what the chants were about. Their voices got louder making Raila's voice inaudible.

Following the chaos, leaders on the podium attempted to calm the crowd down for the rally to continue.

"As ODM, we are peaceful, we do not insult others or engage in violence. Whoever is planning this distraction is wrong, and we cannot be distracted. Our strength comes from the people," Raila remarked.

During the rally, Raila reiterated that ODM has the people's interest at heart, unlike the Kenya Kwanza government.

Raila also called upon the youth to join ODM to further strengthen the party. He added that ODM was readying to take over the government in 2027.

He accused President William Ruto of lying to Kenyans during the campaigns. 

He trolled the projects initiated by Ruto, including the Hustler Fund and the Housing Fund, adding that the current regime had failed.

The former Prime Minister opined that Ruto was to blame for the high cost of living burdening a majority of Kenyans.

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