Please stop misleading Kenyans on the Housing Levy – City lawyer tells President RUTO

Friday, January 12, 2024 - One of the budding city lawyers has urged President William Ruto to stop attacking the Judiciary over the suspension of Housing Levy.

In a post on his X page on Thursday, Lawyer Wahome Thuku told the president that he was misleading Kenyans about the court orders issued against the Housing levy.

Wahome defended the Judiciary, saying they were not trying to stop him from building affordable houses.

 He told him that he was free to construct as many as he wished and employ as many youths as possible.

He then told the president that the issue was with the government taxing the people in order to build the houses.

The lawyer added that no judge would be bribed to stop him from taxing Kenyans but was only doing what the Constitution commands.

"Mr President, you are misleading Kenyans. No court has stopped you from building "affordable" houses. 

"You are free to build a million of them. You are free to employ a million youths on those sites. 

"You are free to then sell the houses at a profit. 

"The issue in court is not about building houses, it's about TAXING Kenyans to build those houses,” Wahome wrote.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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