Pastor KANYARI narrates the events that led to his sister’s brutal murder and reveals the amount of money that JOHN MATARA demanded from her (VIDEO)

Monday, January 8, 2024 - Controversial city preacher, Victor Kanyari, has revealed what happened on the fateful night when his younger sister, Starlet Wahu, was brutally murdered at an Airbnb in South B.

According to Kanyari, Starlet met John Matara online and fell in love with him, not knowing that he was a serial killer.

Matara lured her to an Airbnb where they had a good time but things went south in the middle of the night when he started demanding money from her.

Kanyari said his sister called him but he didn’t pick up her call because he was asleep.

“She called me at 2 AM but I didn’t pick up her call.”

“The man started threatening her at around 3 AM” Kanyari said.

Matara was reportedly demanding Ksh 500,000 from Starlet, leading to a scuffle.

He stabbed her in the neck and thigh and left her bleeding.

He locked the door and fled.

Starlet tried to fight for her life but she bled to death near the door.

Below is a video of Pastor Kanyari speaking about his sister’s brutal murder.


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