OBAMA estate squatters in Nairobi fear eviction by January 31st if they fail to agree with Broadwell Limited

Thursday, January 18, 2024 - Over 3500 residents of Obama Estate in Nairobi risk eviction after a high court sitting in Nairobi stated that they are occupying the land illegally.

The residents were issued with an eviction notice on Wednesday by the owner identified as Broadwell Limited.

The landlords of the hundreds of rental apartments, schools, churches, and personal homes have a maximum of two weeks to either enter an agreement of payment for the plots they occupy or they vacate.

The deadline for these two options is January 31, failure to which Broadwell Limited will have to ensure the squatters on its land are forced out.

The unsuspecting landlords at Obama were sold plots in the 18.6 acre land, LR No 18282 by Daylight Self-help Group on diverse dates.

Documents show that despite numerous attempts by Broadwell Limited to stop the invasion of the land by groups of people did not bear fruits.

“We tried to stop the invasion severally but were always threatened with violence and that is why we went to the court,” Nicholas Mage, the Managing Director of Broadwell Limited, said.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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