Nairobi man breaks door while fighting to get his phone from his wife after locking herself in the bathroom- She shares PHOTOs and narrates the New Year’s Eve incident.


Thursday, January 4, 2024 – A lady in her mid-30s has taken to social media to open up about a distressing incident that occurred recently between her and her husband.

It all started when the concerned wife attempted to address her husband’s seemingly obsessive phone habits.

In a Facebook post by popular social media commentator Wairimu Kimani-WK, the woman recounted how her husband’s constant phone use and guarded behaviour had raised suspicions.

On New Year’s Eve, her husband gave her his phone to talk to a relative who had called to wish them a happy new year.

Seizing the opportunity, the wife ran away with the phone to the bedroom and locked herself inside the bathroom, intending to check his device quickly.

The situation took a terrifying turn when her husband, who is in his mid-40s, forcefully broke down the locked doors.

He is huge and one push on each door was enough to break in,” she revealed.

The woman added that they have four children and that the incident had brought extreme distress to the entire family.

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