King CHARLES' stand in revealed by Royal expert as His Majesty will be admitted to hospital next week after being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate

Friday, January 19, 2024
 – A Royal expert has revealed who will stand in for King Charles' when he is admitted to hospital next week after being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.

The King will attend the hospital for a corrective procedure to treat his condition, which will have his engagements to be postponed for a short period while he recuperates.

It comes as Kensington Palace separately said at 2pm that the Princess of Wales was being treated in hospital after undergoing successful abdominal surgery.

The Princess is not expected to return to public events until after Easter, while her husband Prince William will also postpone a number of engagements as he supports his family, and will not undertake official duties while his wife recovers.

Now Royal biographer Angela Levin has revealed just that as she told GB News that the King's stand-in is not who you may think but will be a 'relief' to the public.

Ms Levin told GB News: 'What's interesting is whether they will need any councilor of state to stand in for anybody during this time.

'If King Charles has an operation he won't be able to do any duties for a while and Prince William has said that almost everything is going to be wiped out, bar very serious things.

'And he wants to be with Katherine and also make sure that the children feel very relaxed.'

'Next in line are the people who are these counsellors which is Harry, which makes you shiver.

'I think that the Queen is as well, but I doubt that she would necessarily want to take that burden so soon after the Coronation.'

Ms Levin continued: 'I know who it is, it will be Princess Anne. That's the person who will stand in.

'She's absolutely at the top as she wasn't before the Queen died. But now she is.

'So she's the one we can all rely on. She's jolly, hard working and efficient and always there when she's needed. So that's a relief.'

King Charles III was at his private residence in Balmoral when he was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. He will attend hospital next week to be treated for his condition.

Aides said the King's condition was benign and he would be having a corrective procedure. His engagements will be postponed for a short period of recuperation.

It is believed he is staying at his private home, Birkhall, on the Balmoral estate where he received the diagnosis today.

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