KANYE WEST grabs phone from paparazzi who asked if he is controlling his wife (VIDEO)

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
 – Kanye West angrily snatched a reporter’s phone on Monday, Jan. 29, after she asked if he is “controlling” his wife Bianca Censori, 29, amid ongoing concern about her well-being.

Kanye, 46, was walking to Charlie Wilson’s Walk of Fame ceremony on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles when the TMZ reporter asked him, “People wanna know if Bianca has her free will."

“Some people are saying that you’re controlling,” she added.

Kanye suddenly reached out, grabbed her recording device and shoved it in his pocket.

With his face completely covered in a black mask, the rapper launched into a three-minute rant toward the reporter, asking her, “Are you crazy?”

“You think because you’re a white woman, you can walk up on me like that and ask me some dumbass s**t like that asking me about my wife, if she has free will? Are you crazy?”

“You got free will, or you work for the devil?” West asked the reporter, demanding she tell him her full name and address.

West and Bianca Censori, a former Yeezy architect, legally married on Dec. 20, 2022. Censori is now known for wearing revealing outfits, which fans believe were chosen by Kanye.

At Kanye's demand, the reporter identified herself as Melanie.

West continued ripping into Melanie, “You wasn’t asking me s**t when I couldn’t see my kids and now only have visitation and don’t have rights to where they go to school? You got questions for that, or are you part of the system?”

The Yeezy founder then demanded Melanie admit whether it was “wrong or right” for her to ask a “dumbass question, disrespectful” question from “a grown-ass superhero.”

“I just need my phone,” she repeatedly replied.

“No, answer the question!” West said. “I’m supposed to answer your questions, answer my question. I got your phone now. They’re gonna arrest me for taking your phone?” he taunted her.

The encounter ended with West asking Melanie about her salary and a job offer of his own.

“I’ll pay you double what they’re paying you. You want to work for me instead?” he asked.

West’s outburst comes the same day an insider told the Daily Mail that he keeps Censori from using social media for her “protection.”

“Bianca has always had social media, and she was active on it — until she married Kanye,” the source said. “He doesn’t want her to have it because he thinks that it will hurt her if she had to read the nasty things that people say.”

They continued, “He is pushing her nakedness all over his own [account] so that he can control her narrative. It is disturbing, and by shutting her off from the world he is causing her to become more and more isolated.”

Watch the video below.

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