Here is why MUTAHI NGUNYI has vowed to sue MIGUNA MIGUNA and auction his palatial home in Runda

Sunday, January 7, 2024 -
Renowned political analyst, Prof Mutahi Ngunyi, has threatened to sue controversial lawyer, Miguna Miguna, for calling him a thief without providing any shred of evidence.

In a statement on Saturday, Ngunyi said he will sue Miguna Miguna in Kenya and in Canada if he calls him a thief again.

The political scientist also threatened to have Miguna’s Runda house auctioned saying he has all the details including the LR number.

“Miguna. I offered to mentor you. You abused me.”

“I figured you have a loose wire. And it is in your tongue.”

“If you call me a thief again without evidence, I will sue you in Kenya and Canada.”

“Then I will have your Runda house auctioned. I have the LR number, details, and means,” Ngunyi stated.

This comes after Miguna alleged that Ngunyi stole public money through the NYS scandal and intentionally burnt his house in Runda to get insurance money.

“Mr. Mutahi Ngunyi. You aren’t qualified to advise anyone about corruption.”

“You are rotten to the core.”

“You stole public money through the NYS scandal but you haven’t been punished for it.”

“You intentionally burnt down your house a few years ago and stole insurance money,” Miguna stated.


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