EUGENE WAMALWA declares his 2027 Presidential Bid – Vows to send RUTO to SUGOI

Sunday, January 14, 2024 - Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP) party leader, Eugene Wamalwa, has declared his 2027 presidential bid.

Speaking on NTV on Saturday, Wamalwa said he has the necessary experience to lead the country.

Wamalwa pointed out that he has held several leadership positions in the country apart from the deputy president and the president.

According to Wamalwa, he has an advantage over others because of his youthful age

"I am experienced and ready to lead Kenya. At my age, I still think time is on my side. We were given three spears when we were in Bungoma. 

"Uhuru Kenyatta’s spear went to the State House, and William Ruto’s was there. I believe a day is coming when my spear will also get there," Wamalwa said.

Wamalwa disclosed that DAP-K has already endorsed his bid to contest in the 2027 polls, where he will face President William Ruto.

 "I am prepared, and as we speak, I have taken over the leadership of DAP-K, and I already have the endorsement from the party to be their presidential candidate in the 2027 polls. 

"We are in the process now of carrying out membership recruitment to strengthen our party at the grassroots," he added.


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