Enough is enough! CJ KOOME blasts RUTO for threatening judges – You won’t believe what she told the president

Thursday, January 4, 2024
 – Chief Justice
Martha Koome has had enough of President William Ruto’s threats.

In a strong-worded statement, Koome hit back at claims propagated by Ruto and his allies, alleging that some officers from the Judiciary have been operating with impunity.

She called upon all Kenyans to report any act that threatens the integrity of the judicial processes and allow JSC to investigate them.

She noted with concern that Judges and Judicial Officers were subjected to public criticism for issuing court orders that were perceived to be against State programs and policies. 

Thus, Koome warned that the Judiciary was an independent and co-equal arm of government. She also urged all Judges and Judicial Officers to continue performing their judicial duties without fear or favour. 

“The Commission wishes to draw the attention of State and Public Officers to the fact that the Constitution places positive duties on the State to ensure respect for the law and adherence to the law by providing citizens with effective mechanisms for resolving disputes between themselves and between them and the State. 

“Where a citizen obtains a court order against the State and that court order is deliberately ignored or disobeyed by State officials, the right of access to justice is undermined because it fatally attacks the effectiveness of the legal system on which ordinary citizens rely to have their rights and legal duties enforced,” Koome stated. 

She further assured that the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) kept the Judiciary in order and that any judges or magistrates with questionable behaviour would be investigated promptly.

In a speech targeted at the judiciary while in Nyandarua on Tuesday, the President stated that beneficiaries of corruption had teamed up with corrupt judicial officers to deny Kenyans development.

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