EALA MP DAVID SANKOK threatens to lead demos if RUTO’s government moves to lower food prices


Thursday, January 4, 2024 – East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP, David Sankok, has vowed to lead demonstrations across the country following the government’s move to lower food prices.

In a statement on Wednesday, Sankok said farmers earn their salaries from selling farm produce and reducing prices will affect them

“I will lead farmers for counter-demonstrations because we will not allow farm produce to be sold at lower prices because the price of unga, beans, meat, milk, eggs, etc is farmers’ salaries,” Sankok stated.

He added, “Farmers will only allow their salary to come down if salaries of teachers, doctors, MCAS, MPs and all civil servants are brought at the same proportion.”

The former nominated MP called on the government to create a conducive business environment to give Kenyans purchasing power and not succumb to the opposition’s pressure to lower food prices.

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