American model, SHANNA MOAKLER says TRAVIS BARKER was trashing her online while they were together

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
 – Drummer Travis Barker has been accused by his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, of trashing her online while they were together.

Appearing on a new episode of Bunnie XO's "Dumb Blonde" podcast, the ex-Miss USA claimed she saw something that turned her world upside down while setting up a video call on the drummer's computer as he underwent a blood transfusion at a burns unit after his 2008 plane crash.

She not only saw emails from so many women, but saw he was trashing her online and leaving nasty comments about what a shitty and terrible mother she was.

Shanna immediately left the hospital and cried in her mother's arms for hours, unable to wrap her head around her then-husband trolling her. It's not exactly clear how she pieced together Travis' alleged bashing, but in any case, she seems certain it was him.

Shanna also slammed the Kardashians in the podcast, though it's nothing new as she's frequently made her distaste for Travis' new wife, Kourtney, loud and clear.

In her latest rant, she doubled down on disliking the family, insisting she's not in the minority 'cause there are loads of people 'who don't watch the show and don't give a f*** what Kim's doing with her a**." 

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