Actress NICOLE KIDMAN reveals she used to lie about her height to get roles during early years of her career

Wednesday, January 17, 2024
 – Actress Nicole Kidman has revealed that she used to lie about her height to get roles during the early years of her career.

The Oscar winner disclosed this during a recent interview with the “Radio Times Podcast”. Nicole said she would shave a half-inch off her stats when casting directors asked.

The actress further revealed that despite being 5'11", she used to tell casting directors that she's 5'10" and a half.

The Australian star added that people called her "stalky" when she first arrived on the acting scene, and was told a tall woman like her wouldn't have a career.

However, that's changed in recent years with Kidman saying, "Now, I get, ‘You’re so much taller than I thought,' or men grappling with how high my heels should be."

Nicole also revealed that she was nearly turned away from an audition for the musical "Annie" when she was a kid, because she was 2 inches above the 5'2" cutoff line.

She added that she's trying to impart courage and resilience to her kids. The actress shares two children with Tom Cruise and two with Keith Urban, teaching them how to react when they hear the word "no."

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