What are the Key Reasons People Like to Play Poker?

Poker is an activity that many observers believe has its roots in a French game from earlier centuries called Poque. Whether that is true or not is up for debate, but one thing that cannot be argued with is the ever rising popularity of poker gaming.

The number of people in countries across the world who are playing poker is growing. In most cases it is the online version of the game that they are choosing.

For example, online poker is capturing a growing share of the market in Kenya and could soon threaten the dominance of sports betting in this country. Of course, there must be reasons for the rise in online poker popularity and there are.

It is those reasons that we will be detailing in this article.

Poker Passion

There is more than one kind of poker, as some people play 5-Card Stud, while others prefer Texas Hold’em or Omaha Hi Lo. For all of the variations in the rules between them though, all the different types of poker are ultimately about getting the best hand at the table – or at least trying to convince the other players that you have an unbeatable hand.

Therefore the reasons for the popularity are pretty much the same for all the different formats. Read on to learn what the five key reasons people love playing poker are.


Online poker is more popular overall than the land-based version for one reason: convenience. It is quicker and easier to log into an online site than to visit a real world casino.

Plus they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. So for example, a Kenyan poker fan can play at one of the top sites for online poker Canada has to offer without geographical distance being an issue.

That makes online poker a truly global pastime and ensures a global customer base for it.


This is an obvious but true factor behind poker’s popularity: it is a lot of fun! Poker is an exciting game to play that absorbs the attention of players completely for the duration of the game.

Most people who play are not entering high stakes poker tournaments; they are playing smaller online games for lower sums of money. The primary purpose of the exercise is enjoyment not a dedicated pursuit of victory.

The only people who do not play poker for fun are the professional players. In those rare cases the game is a very serious thing.

Winning Money

Winning might not be the sole aim of the game for the majority of people who play poker, but the chance to potentially make some extra cash is clearly another attraction of the game. Poker provides players with the possibility of making money from doing something that they love – which pretty much makes it a dream hobby.

Of course for professional players, winning money is very much the object of their play. These are people who are so good at poker that they can best most opponents at the table and come away from many games that they enter with the pot of cash.

Being able to make a full-time living from something you really enjoy is even better than earning sideline cash from it. Thus the idea of professional poker appeals to a lot of people.

Improved Strategizing

Being able to play poker well requires a capacity for strategic thinking. Playing it regularly develops that skill, which is another good reason to do so.

After all, as a player gets better at the game, they will derive greater pleasure from it and achieve wins more often. Beyond that though, the newfound strategic skills can have significant benefits to them in other areas of their lives.

This is especially true in the world of business. People who want to go into business on their own are frequently advised to develop an interest in poker precisely because it will sharpen their ability to strategize for success.

Health Benefits

Poker has been proven to have many benefits to both mental and physical health. For example, it is a game that taxes and stimulates the brain – like chess – which helps to keep the cognitive processes sharp.

Playing poker with friends is a social experience and that has the benefit of keeping players happy and allowing them to stay in contact with each other regularly. Alternatively, playing it with new people provides the opportunity to widen a friendship circle.

Happiness, health and wellbeing are all excellent reasons to play. They are also reasons why so many people become frequent poker players once they discover the game.

Now you know what the big reasons are why people love playing poker so much and why you really should join them.

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