What Will Happen to a Bet When the Game is Postponed?

What Will Happen to a Bet When the Game is Postponed?

Imagine you just got home, placed a bet on your favorite team, grabbed a cold bottle of beer and were just about to turn on the TV to watch the match. But out of the blue, the match was postponed. That is just bad fortune, isn’t it? But postponement is not the only problem that can happen every now and then. Any match can be simply canceled, voided, or rescheduled. For you, as a spectator, it’s not a big deal. You will watch it a bit later. But what’s going to happen to your bet in this scenario? All trustworthy Nigerian bookmakers have figured out the solution to such issues. Right here and right now we’re aiming to answer the head question of the article and provide you with comprehensive details about the fate of an unrealized bet. Let’s dive right into it!

What Can Possibly Affect the Bet?

Any odds offered on a bookmaker's website are compiled after close consideration of many undependable factors. Your bet is highly dependent on these odds. Moreover, any unforeseen event can drastically change the path of how your bet will play out. Let’s take a look at the most common unpredictable occasions:

  1. The game is canceled. This can happen for many obvious reasons; weather conditions, for example.

  2. The game is voided. Such scenarios can occur whenever technical issues or unresolvable errors have affected, are affecting, or can affect the game.

  3. The game is postponed. Whenever the match cannot get going within the announced time, the start can be slightly delayed. Usually, the time window for postponement is quite short, but on rare occasions, it can take up to a whole week.

No matter the actual reason why the game did not begin on time, every placed bet will reflect changes as a part of the consequences. Let’s talk about them next.

What Happens With Your Bet?

The answer to this question can slightly change depending on the sportsbook you’ve placed a bet with. But generally, there’s a guideline on how to solve the abovementioned issues. If the match you’ve placed a wager on has been postponed, the power of the bet will usually remain the same. Each bookmaker has an acceptable time window for the match to be postponed. If the game begins within this time window, your bet will be untouched. But if the game starts after the acceptable time window, the bet will be canceled. What does it mean? Generally speaking, the bookie will credit the stake amount back to your account without any fee or deduction.

The same logic will apply if the game is voided and requires a replay. If the final whistle has been blown and the official results have been published, you’ll receive your winnings accordingly. The bookmaker cannot simply approach you and ask you to give your winnings back because the results were not recognized. The replay will be considered a new match with its own odds.

So far, so easy. But what’s going to happen if your bet happens to be an accumulator of several legs and one of the selected matches has been canceled? In this scenario, your accumulator will be considered just like the same accumulator but without that one match. It means that the overall odds will get a little bit lower, but you won’t lose the chance to win the cash.

Do the Same Rules Apply to Free Bets?

Here, the situation can get a little bit tricky. Depending on the bookie, the free bet can be refunded or be gone. Some bookmaking companies have coded the same compensation logic for free bets as for casual cash bets. Meanwhile, some sportsbooks consider those free bets as a gift that has been corrupted through no fault of their own.

Keep in mind that errors can happen everywhere, and perhaps you got no refund on a free bet because of a system error. Whenever your free bet is canceled or voided, make sure to contact the customer service staff. They will provide you with comprehensive information regarding whether it’s possible or not to get a real try to make use of your free bet. The practice of such appeals shows that sportsbooks are very accommodating and will often return the free bets so as not to spoil their reputation and not force customers to look for a new platform for betting.


As you can see, there’s nothing to worry about if you placed a bet on a match that was canceled or postponed for any reason. Your money is absolutely safe as long as you are the customer of a bookie with a license. It means that the company operates in accordance with the law, and the staff cannot do everything they want with your money like pirates.

Our greatest advice is to check the Terms & Conditions page prior to signing up for an account. There you’ll see all the pitfalls of the process and figure out whether the bookie is worthy of your time and trust. We wish you good luck with betting and hope that the weather will never spoil your bets.

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