Two arrested at Cape Town International Airport for making ‘threat’ on flight

Saturday, June 8, 2024 - The South African police has confirmed the arrest of two suspects for breaking aviation laws after making comments about a possible threat onboard a plane at Cape Town International Airport.

The two men were onboard a flight enroute to Johannesburg on Thursday, June 6, at about 5.30pm when they made the comments.  Police spokesperson Brig Athlenda Mathe said the cabin crew was alerted and emergency procedures were activated.

Mathe said;

“The pair allegedly uttered comments to a passenger suggesting that there is a threat onboard that may endanger the safety of passengers and jeopardise operations on the aircraft. SAPS K9, bomb technicians and the special task force safely removed the suspects from the aircraft and passengers were relocated by the airline.

“They [police] only found two optic scopes for rifles which are not classified as dangerous weapons or items in terms of the Firearms Control Act.

“They have been arrested and charged with breaking aviation laws because they made comments onboard that are considered to interfere unlawfully with aircraft operations.”

The police also warned passengers and airport users that committing an act of violence or threats against anyone, including crew members, could endanger aircraft safety and is an offence.

Mathe added;

“It is also an offence to communicate information which he or she knows to be false to other passengers or aircraft crew. Disorderly behaviour, being in a state of intoxication and behaving in a violent manner is also a criminal offence.”

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