RUTO’s government has not paid us for two years – UHURU’s employees cry as they reveal how they have been frustrated by the Kenya Kwanza regime

Monday, June 10, 2024 - Former President Uhuru Kenyatta's spokesperson, Kanze Dena, is among dozens of employees in the retired president's office who have yet to be paid their salaries in the last two years.

Speaking during a press briefing on Monday, Kanze Dena said she is not able to compound in totality how much all that is.

She said no employee has received even a single shilling in the last two years.

"Unfortunately we have not earned a salary for the last two years. 

"I am not able to quantify how much it is that the former president has been able to spend because that includes fuelling, the food we eat as staff, travel bills, electricity," Kanze alleged.

The spokesperson also said the staff are being intimidated by men close to the President while others have been transferred at night.

“There is unceremonial withdrawal and intimidation of staff via phone calls at midnight," Dena said.

“They were being called at night but we also have to protect our people. Sometimes we get multiple calls of different instructions late at night," Dena added.


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