Do not punish UDA MPs who voted ‘YES’ to RUTO’s Finance Bill – GACHAGUA goes on his knees and begs Gen Zs for forgiveness

Thursday, June 27, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has pleaded with Kenyans, especially Gen Z, not to punish members of Parliament who approved the punitive Finance Bill, 2024.

Speaking in Mombasa yesterday, the remorseful Gachagua asked for forgiveness on behalf of the UDA MPs.

He defended the lawmakers, saying they were just doing their job by toeing the party line when they voted YES to the bill.

He further noted that since the Head of State had thrown out the bill in its entirety, it was only fair if Kenyans softened their stance against the lawmakers.

"I want to ask Kenyans not to punish MPs for the stand that they took. 

"A government is formed by a political party. Once a government has a programme in Parliament and decides it is good for the people, members of Parliament from that party must toe the line," stated Gachagua.

"I do not want you to punish members of Parliament, they just did what is right in terms of our political formation. 

"Allow them to support their government because that is why they were elected as members of the government party."

"Let us not harass, abuse, and attack their properties. 

"They were just doing what the government wanted and now that the government has decided to do the right thing, I think we should close that chapter," the DP added.

Gachagua asked the public to wait until 2027 in case they want to punish or affirm a lawmaker regarding fallout stemming from the Finance Bill 2024 or any other matter.


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