Baseball player vomits all over mound during game

Thursday, June 27, 2024 - Reds' star Hunter Greene threw a fastball on Tuesday night and then unexpectedly vomited on the mound during the Reds' game.

The incident occurred shortly after the Cincinnati ace began his outing against the Pirates at Great American Ball Park. After walking the first batter he faced, Greene threw up during the next at-bat following a pitch.

In the game's broadcast video, moments after the ball hit the catcher's mitt, Greene became visibly ill. He took a few seconds to gather himself but remarkably stayed in the game.

Unfortunately for the Reds, Greene's performance suffered after the incident. He gave up six earned runs on seven hits over just four innings.

This wasn't the first time Greene experienced this issue on the mound. Just last week, he vomited during a game, attributing it to the weather. With game temperatures in the high 80s again on Tuesday night, it looks like Greene will be contending with both opposing hitters and the summer heat in the near future.

Watch the video below

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