ANERLISA MUIGAI’s new boyfriend, JOE KARIUKI, auctioned - See PHOTO of his Mercedes Benz G-Wagon being taken away by auctioneers.

Sunday, June 9, 2024 - The home of Anerlisa Muigai’s new boyfriend Joe Kariuki was raided by auctioneers and his Mercedes Benz G-Wagon taken away.

Joe, a key suspect in the multi-billion fake fertilizer scandal, has been facing financial difficulties after his bank accounts were frozen.

His girlfriend Anerlisa had to fundraise money from friends to secure his release after he was given a bond of Ksh 3 million.

Messages of Anerlisa begging for money from friends on WhatsApp to secure his release on bond leaked online, proving that they are having financial constraints.

Joe is a shrewd businessman and a fraudster.

He was jailed in Tanzania for seven years after he defrauded a businessman of Sh 13.3 million.

Many people believe he fell in love with Anerlisa Muigai to milk her money.

See the photo of his Mercedes Benz being auctioned.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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