"Why put a superstar like AYRA STARR in such a weird position?" CARDI B asks after the singer was asked to give her opinion on the American rapper (VIDEO)

Thursday, May 9, 2024 - Cardi B has reacted after Ayra Starr was asked to give her opinion on a mistake made by the US rapper.

At the Met Gala on May 6, Cardi was asked for the name of the designer she was wearing and she said she was wearing some “Asian” designer.

This elicited backlash as the rapper was accused of being racist and dismissive of the designer's work.

Many questioned why she could not be bothered with learning the name of the designer she was wearing, others questioned why she didn't even make an effort to specifically name the designer's nationality rather than just calling him “Asian”.

Cardi B hit back at the critics and insisted she was nervous and couldn't pronounce the designer's name so she just mentioned that it's an “Asian” designer.

TMZ reporters caught up with singer Ayra Starr to ask her opinion about Cardi's error.

Ayra defended Cardi and said she understands how nerves can make you forget things on the red carpet.

Ayra's take on the matter was shared on Twitter and Cardi reacted, writing: “Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa try to be messy and mission failed ..also why put a superstar like Ayra in such a weird and uncomfortable position?”

Watch Ayra speak on the issue in the video below.

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