Things must be getting tough for GACHAGUA amid fallout rumours with RUTO as he reveals his 7-day fasting in the forest – No wonder he has been missing in action


Wednesday, May 22, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has explained his absence from the national scene after media reports began speculating about his recent extended absence from the limelight.

Speaking at the funeral of his former teacher, Julius Kano in Kirinyaga, Kirinyaga County, the Deputy President revealed that he had taken seven days off to pray and fast at the Mount Kenya Forest, during which he cut off all lines of communication to everyone.

While making his remarks, Gachagua explained that his absence was well-calculated and intentional.

He explained that he turned off his mobile phone as he took off time to meditate and think about the State of the Nation.

“When Mwalimu passed on when I had taken seven days away for prayers and fasting, meditation and reflection at the heart of Mount Kenya Forest, with no phone, no nothing and nobody could disturb me as I wanted to meditate on the State of the Nation and the people of this region,” Stated Gachagua.

Gachagua elaborated that he only came out of hibernation after his wife got a message out to him that his former teacher had passed on.

Further during the event, Gachagua emphasized that he was championing the unity of the Mount Kenya region.

“I am not that wise but I am also not stupid, there is something I know and that is why as the senior most politician in the region, I made the decision to unite the people of Kenya,” stated Gachagua


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