RUTO moves to calm the storm in the mountain amid fallout with GACHAGUA as he ‘bribes’ coffee farmers with a whopping Sh6 billion

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 – President William Ruto has moved to endear himself to the restive Mt. Kenya voting bloc amid rumours of a fallout with his Deputy, Rigathi Gachagua.

This is after he announced that his government would forgive all the multi-billion debt owed by coffee farmers most of whom come from Mt. Kenya.

Ruto unveiled plans to write off Ksh6 billion in debt held by coffee farmers, aiming to rejuvenate the struggling sector and boost the livelihoods of over 600,000 farmers.

"In the next Cabinet meeting, we will approve a write-off of Ksh6 billion to our farmers, so that we can reduce debts on coffee farming," Ruto told Kenyans living in the United States of America.

This announcement is part of the ongoing coffee reforms intended to expand cultivation acreage and enhance farmer revenues.

Coffee, Kenya’s third largest agricultural export, has faced significant challenges despite employing a substantial portion of the population, with 75 percent of farmers being smallholders. 

The sector has struggled with low production and financial instability, prompting the government to take decisive action.

The debt relief plan, initially proposed in January by Co-operatives and Micro and Small Enterprise Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui, gained momentum with Gachagua’s discussions with coffee sector stakeholders.

Chelugui indicated that the government might consider waiving additional phases of debts owed by coffee farmers.


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