Pro-ISIS group post chilling warning ahead of T20 World Cup game between India and Pakistan

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 - A Pro-ISIS group has issued a chilling warning ahead of T20 World Cup game between India and Pakistan in New York.

The pro-ISIS outlet released a graphic that showed a hooded man with a rifle over his shoulder. It read 'You wait for the matches...' and then - written in dripping blood-red - 'And we wait for you...'

The poster makes reference to June 9 at 'Nassau Stadium', which is when and where bitter rivals India and Pakistan will meet in a group game.

It also includes images of drones flying over the stadium and stick of dynamite with a ticking clock.

The T20 tournament is being held in the United States and the Caribbean between June 1 and June 29.

There will be eight matches held at a newly-erected temporary stadium in Eisenhower Park - 30 miles east of Manhattan.

They include the standout game of the group stages, when India and Pakistan collide in a sold-out clash at the 34,000 Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

Earlier this month, the prime minister of Trinidad & Tobago, Keith Rowley, reacted to reports of threats circulating online, saying: 'Unfortunately, the threat of terrorism in its many and varied expressions is an ever-present danger in the world of the 21st century.

‘Given the fact that bad actors can choose to misbehave in any way possible it makes it virtually impossible to completely seal off all opportunities.’

‘However, in order to ameliorate these dangers, we at the local and regional levels have remained alert to many threats and singularly or together have our intelligence and other security agencies working to protect the population in countries and at venues throughout the tournament.’ 

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