MP GEOFREY RUKU now confesses to using this controversial substance to 'deliver at home' – I work all night after consuming it

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 - Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruku has waded into the controversial muguka debate, criticizing coastal governors' decision to ban it in their respective regions.

Speaking during an interview, Ruku argued that the negative effects associated with muguka, as cited by the governors, only arise when users combine it with various illegal substances.

According to Ruku, muguka has no adverse effects, because he consumes it and has testimony to give.

"We all consume muguka in our constituency, me included. 

"I chew muguka. What causes the effects is combining muguka, miraa, and heroine among other illegal hard substances. 

"If you chew muguka and take tea you will be able to do all other things. 

"It is a stimulant that gives you extra energy and makes you able to focus on anything even if you mean spending an entire night working. 

"You will concentrate throughout the night and you will be able to deliver," explained Ruku.

Furthermore, Ruku challenges claims that the stimulant impairs men's performance in marital relations, citing personal experiences and those of others who, despite chewing it, have had fulfilling family lives, including healthy children.

He asserts that no leader, except the president, can impose a ban on muguka or miraa solely based on their regional representation.


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