Details of the suicide note left by a man who killed his daughter in Kitengela and then took his own life to punish his ex-wife revealed.

Monday, May 6, 2024 - A 59-year-old man killed his teenage daughter in Kitengela on Sunday night before taking his own life to punish his ex-wife.

According to a police report, the girl visited her father on Sunday afternoon, not knowing that he had evil plans.

The couple had recently separated.

Neighbours said they heard distress calls from the girl followed by a commotion in the house.

“A shriek came from the house then it died away. 

"There was a commotion that did not last very long. 

"It’s unfortunate we were unable to save the girl,” said a neighbour at Blessed Apartment where the tragic incident took place.

The man stabbed his daughter multiple times and used the same killer knife to take his own life.

Police broke into the house and found bodies of the two lying in a pool of blood in the bedroom.

The man left a suicide note addressed to his ex-wife in Swahili.

He indicated that rejection by his estranged wife was the main motive.

He also accused his ex-wife of wasting his years.

“Nilikwambia ya kwamba unacheza na mtu hujui unaniona tu. 

"Sasa hiyo ndio faida ulitaka kutoka kwangu. 

"Mimi ni yule ulidharau. Mimi naenda kupumzika. 

"Baki na kidonda cha maisha. Hiyo ndio faida yangu kwa miaka ulinipotezea,” 

( I told you that you are playing with someone you don’t know. 

"This is the gain you wished from me. You despised me. I have gone to rest. 

"Remain with a scar in your heart. This is what I get from the years I wasted with you,”) part of the suicide note read.

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