RAILA’s ODM raises serious questions over OMTATAH’s house raid by armed goons who beat her wife badly after daring RUTO

Friday, April 5, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s ODM has condemned the recent attack on Busia Senator Omtatah’s house, saying every Kenyan should be guaranteed their safety.

Omtatah’s rural home was raided by armed goons on Wednesday night, who beat his wife up after missing the Senator.

In a statement, ODM called on President William Ruto’s government to launch investigations into the incident.

“We condemn in the strongest terms possible the continued harassment of the Senator of Busia Okiya Omtatah the latest being the raid on his rural home by unknown people who were demanding to know his whereabouts. 

"Every Kenyan including leaders must be guaranteed their safety at all times. We call on the government to move quickly and investigate the claims,” ODM stated.

Separately, Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai also raised concern over the raid on Omtatah’s house.

In a statement via X, Alai wondered why the National Assembly and Senate minority leadership is yet to condemn the attack on Omtatah’s home.

The ODM MCA also questioned why politicians are not speaking out against the attacks. 

“Senator Okiya Omtatah was attacked some days back. Recently, armed goons probably hired by the governor raided his home looking to hurt him. 

"We don’t have any single comment from the Minority Leadership in Senate and National Assembly. Something is wrong with the country’s political leadership. 

"Don’t we have principled politicians who can speak out against such?” Alai posed.

The armed goons reportedly harassed Omtatah’s relatives and beat up his sister-in-law demanding to know the whereabouts of the Busia senator.

The first-time senator was not at home at the time of the incident as he had traveled to Nairobi.

The incident comes days after Omtatah was attacked by goons moments after leaving the Busia Law Courts.

His vehicle was damaged during the attack but they managed to run to the Busia Agricultural Training College (ATC) for refuge.

The attack came after Omtatah sued Ruto over the draconian Housing Levy.


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