MALALA responds to RAILA after he demanded resignation of MWAURA and MDIVO after RUTO’s appointment – You won’t believe what he told BABA

Friday, April 5, 2024 - United Democratic Alliance Secretary General Cleophas Malala has come to the defence of President William Ruto, following an uproar over the appointment of two board chairs of government institutions to party positions.

Speaking during a press conference yesterday, Malala maintained that Ruto did not break any law in appointing Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) board chair Anthony Mwaura and Kenya Power board chair Joy Mdivo to positions related to the party primaries.

Mwaura was appointed as the chair of the National Elections Board while Mdivo was appointed to the Internal Dispute Resolution Committee.

In his statement, Malala maintained that the duo were not state officers despite serving as board chairs in government positions.

He cited that the party and the President considered the definition of state officer as outlined in the constitution before making the appointments.

Further, he explained that the appointment and remuneration of board chairs were done differently from all other government employees.

"Importantly the requirement for one to become a board chairperson under the law is that one should not be a public officer. Board chairpersons are appointed by the president discretionally and they are not enumerated as employees of the institutions that they chair," Malala stated.

UDA made the appointment of the duo in readiness for the party primaries set to commence this month.

The response by the UDA party comes after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga called on the duo to resign from their government positions, citing a conflict of interest.


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