Please, I'm on my knees — "DAVIDO" cries and begs in new video

Monday, April 14, 2024
 – A man suspected to be Davido filmed himself crying and begging earnestly and the video has now found its way to the internet.

In the video, "Davido" is seen crying while begging with a shaky voice.

"Please," he says then slowly kneels down. "I'm on my knees."

It is not clear who he was begging or what he was begging for.

This comes after a US-based model named Bonita Maria accidentally uploaded a cozy photo of her and Davido.

Some social media users have speculated that he might have been begging his wife, Chioma, over the latest scandal.

Others said since the video came from the model's camp, Davido was probably begging the model, not Chioma.

Watch below.

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