I want to be like General OGOLLA - CS KURIA now says as he reveals what the departed CDF had promised to do before his untimely death

Monday, April 22, 2024 - Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has revealed that he and the late Chief of Defense Forces (CDF), General Francis Ogolla, engaged in a late-night conversation the day before he met his fateful death.

Speaking in Siaya during the General's funeral service yesterday, Kuria revealed that he had requested General Ogolla to deploy doctors from Kenya’s military to critical hospitals in the country to aid during the doctors' strike.

According to Moses Kuria, the conversation was held on the sidelines of the National Wage Bill Conference which came to a close on Wednesday, April 17.

He noted that General Ogolla agreed to deploy 50 doctors.

“Just the previous day, we were with the CDF at the Wage Bill Conference and we were conversing with the CDF because I had put in a request for him to assist us with doctors from the KDF, and he promised to assist us with up to 50 doctors,” stated Moses Kuria.

CS Kuria elaborated that the doctors would be sent to critical centres of treatment such as the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The CS eulogized Ogolla as a gentle and polite person which he termed as commendable given his rank.

Moses Kuria elaborated that he intends to emulate Ogolla's success in building the military’s capacity to shape the National Youth Service (NYS).

Further, the CS urged people to emulate the CDF in terms of preparedness for eventualities such as death, given that the CDF had prepared his kin for such an eventuality.


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