Governor SIMBA ARATI claims his life is in danger as he reveals what DCI officers are planning to do in his houses.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024 - Kisii County Governor, Simba Arati, has recorded a statement with the directorate of criminal investigations in Nairobi, claiming his life is in danger.

In a statement issued by his lawyers Siaya Governor James Orengo and Senior Counsel Otiende Amollo, Arati said DCI Kisii County is planning to search his homes in Kisii and Nairobi over alleged illegal possession of firearms.

Arati said the rogue officers were planning to plant guns at Arati's homes in order to arrest him.

“A CCIO in Kisii is recorded giving instructions and giving insights into how guns, firearms, and other things are going to be planted on Governor Arati. 

"Partly is to prevent Arati from performing his duties as Kisii governor, " Orengo said.

The lawyers added they are eager to see what actions will be taken as Arati has made accusations to the DCI headquarters in Nairobi about DCI Kisii.

 “The alternative is to take the law into our own hands but as counsel for Governor Arati we have launched a complaint and they have assured us they'll take some actions," said senior counsel Otiende Amollo.  


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