Divorced woman reveals how her parents handled the news that she was pregnant for a man who was not her husband

Friday, April 26, 2024 – A woman who got pregnant outside wedlock has revealed how her parents handled the news.

The Facebook user explained that she had been separated from her husband for 5 years when she discovered she was pregnant at 33 for a man who was not her husband

In fear, she approached her parents and told them about her pregnancy, bracing for an outburst.

However, she said her parents reacted kindly without hesitation.

Her father said, “That's fine, Pyem. You're not a saint, Thank you for coming to us.”

Subsequently, she said her parents showed only concern for her and promised to step up as parents for the baby so their daughter could focus on her demanding bank job.

All through her pregnancy and childbirth, her parents walked with her.

Since the birth of her child, her parents have been fulfilling their promise to step up and care for the baby.

The Facebook user said the grace her parents gave her made her find her way back to the right path because she wanted to be worthy of them.

She shared photos of her parents with her daughter in addition to her story.

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