RUTO finally signs into law Affordable housing bill as he warns state officials against corruption

Monday, March 19, 2024 - President William Ruto has insisted that the Affordable Housing programme must be corruption-free.

Speaking at State House on Tuesday after he signed the Affordable Housing Bill into Law, Ruto warned all officials involved in the programme that it will not be business as usual.

He said that integrity must be the pillar of the country's housing project for it to be a success.

"And I want to give a warning from here, anybody involved in this programme if you just step off the line, it's not going to be business as usual. So, integrity integrity integrity it is. 

"This programme must be corruption-free. We have agreed on everything, quantity, and costs, unlike in the past when costs changed, there will be no escalations or issues. 

"Integrity is going to be front back centre to ensure this succeeds," President Ruto said.

He added that the project is a result of Kenyans committing their resources to give dignity to fellow Kenyans and must be protected by all means.

The president said that through it, Kenyans from all walks of life will be able to own homes.

Ruto said he plans to create at least 2-3 million homeowners in the short term in Kenya.

"This project must have integrity. And I hope everyone is listening. These are public resources, Kenyans are committing their money for the dignity of other Kenyans who can have jobs, have decent housing, eradicate slums, and increase the number of homeowners in Kenya. Teachers, doctors, and everybody else will have the opportunity to own a home.

"So that we can have a country where everybody believes they own something and are part of."

President Ruto reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring the resources channelled towards the Affordable Housing program are protected.


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    It should use it own looted moneys to build his own mirage affordable houses.

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