Play time is over as RUTO’s government stops payment of salaries to the following civil servants – Look! Watajua hawajui

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 – Anxiety has gripped the public service after the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) ordered the immediate stoppage in the channeling of salary to civil servants with forged academic papers.

EACC issued the order following the publishing of a report by the Public Service Commission (PSC) showing the proliferation of unqualified persons in the public sector, securing jobs using fake documents. 

In its latest directive, the EACC mandated all public institutions to verify the academic and professional certificates of public officers working within their ranks. 

EACC in a circular remarked that investigations had shown that some public institutions were allowing staff with active academic forgery cases to resign or proceed on early retirement. 

According to the anti-graft body, the institutions should not process payment of terminal benefits without following the law.

Should government organisations discover that one of their employees had fake certificates, they were instructed to file a report immediately with the EACC.

EACC issued the directive barely a month after warning that certain government institutions were protecting civil servants holding forged papers.

The recent directive will affect workers both in the national and county governments. 


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