After Bishop MARGARET WANJIRU, Pastor NG’ANG’A is next as EACC plans to demolish his Neno Evangelism Church


Saturday, March 9, 2024 - The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has earmarked Pastor Nga’ng’a’s Neno Evangelism church for demolition.

This is after it emerged that Ng’ang’a grabbed the land on which the church sits from the Keya Railways Corporation (KRC).

This comes after goons invaded Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s Jesus Is Alive Ministries and demolished a section of it, accusing her of grabbing KRC land.

Likewise, EACC has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit against an Energy Company over a parcel of land purportedly belonging to the Kenya Railway Corporation.

Furthermore, the Commission has brought the former land officials, who held office from 1975 to 1999 when the land was allocated to private developers, into the lawsuit.

According to the suit papers, EACC alleged that a former physical planning director in the Ministry of Lands was also involved in the land commission.

The case was presented before an Environment and Land Court in Nairobi which also noted that the land situated along the Uhuru Highway, was reserved to decongest Nairobi traffic. 

This comes after Thika town Member of Parliament (MP) raised the alarm over private developers plotting to grab land belonging to the Ministry of Public Works. 

According to the legislator, two alleged land grabbers filed a case at the court to sue the government, claiming ownership of the contested parcel along the Thika-Garissa Highway. 

Ng'ang'a has also called for a thorough investigation to uncover the Ministry of Lands officials who were implicated in leasing the land to the two developers. These developers are now seeking compensation for the land in question.


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