Weatherman warns Kenyans to expect heavy rains in a few days


Friday, February 23, 2024 - The Kenya Meteorological Department has warned Kenyans to prepare for heavy rains in the coming days

In a statement on Friday, the weatherman said there is a 70 percent chance that heavy rains are going to pound the country.

The rains are expected to begin in southern Kenyan areas bordering Tanzania, then move to central and spread toward western Kenya.

The scientists noted the rains will be heaviest in April, and end in May in many places.

“In Kenya, the long rainy season accounts for more than 50 percent of its rain so it’s very critical,” Dr Hussen Endris a weather specialist.

Despite the heavy rains, Kenyans will also see dry spells within the period where rains will stop and sunny conditions will rule for several days, the forecast showed.

The heavy rains are expected to lead to a good harvest for the long rainy season.

Most parts of Kenya experience two rain seasons: March to May-long rains and October to December-short rains.


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