This is what DAVID NDII has said after he was body-shamed for being fat and accused of looting public funds.

 Friday, February 23, 2024 - President William Ruto’s chief economic advisor, Dr David Ndii, has responded to concerns raised by his critics over his weight, following a photo that trended on social media for the better part of Thursday.

The photo which was widely shared on social media, showed Ndii's metamorphosis from a lean man when he was in the opposition to a fat man after joining Ruto’s government.

Many Kenyans accused Ndii of being overweight while others accused him of being fat after looting public money.

However, in a rejoinder on Friday, Ndii termed the critics as 'imbeciles' who are fond of wasting time to talk about issues that are of no importance to the general public.

Further, he voiced concerns about how such a topic would trend on social media, questioning the tweeps' Intelligence Quotient (IQ) levels.

"To be overweight is a remediable personal challenge of little or no consequence to the general public.

 "To be empty-headed is an incurable societal burden," Ndii stated. 

"Ũrimũ ndũrĩ ndawa (stupidity has no cure). To have so many imbeciles with nothing better to talk on a public platform is a national tragedy."


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