See what corrupt Kenya Police have stated after the court authorised the consumption of MURATINA in the Mt Kenya region

 Sunday, February 25, 2024 - Kiambu County police commander Michael Muchiri has commended the decision by the court that Muratina is not an illicit drink.

Speaking on Saturday, Muchiri emphasized that, as government officials, they will respect the court's decision.

However, he cautioned residents against brewing Muratina for commercial purposes, citing potential disruptions to government efforts in combating illicit brews."

"We must agree with the court’s decision, there is no doubt on that but our plea as government officers is that it should not be taken as an opportunity to brew for commercial purposes," Muchiri said.

The County commander acknowledged that Muratina is a drink used in traditional functions and celebrations.

"We request that people should not use this opportunity to brew muratina for commercial purposes because that will hinder our effort to fight illicit brew," he added.

A Kiambu Court on Friday declared that the popular Kikuyu brew is not an illicit drink.

In a judgment issued by High Court Judge Abigail Mshila, she said the brew was not illicit and could be prepared as part of the Kikuyu’s culture and traditions.


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