Police pursue a woman who dropped a shopping bag containing a pistol in Meru at night and escaped - The gun was used in a murder incident (PHOTOs).


Tuesday, February 20, 2024 - A woman who sprinted from Nyumba Kumi members at Kabachi in Meru last night after dropping a shopping bag containing an illegal firearm is being sought by the police.

Kawira Kanyaru was being pursued by the wazee led by the area assistant chief after getting wind that she could have information on a murder suspect on the run.

Prior to the recovery of the pistol, Retay Falcon, police believed it was in the hands of a wanted suspect Robert Meeme, who, jointly with Kawira's father (William Kanyaru) and a third suspect Japhet Johana are suspects in a February 17, 2024 murder case over a historical land dispute.

In the shocking murder incident that occurred at a farm in Luthaya village of Kabachi, the three suspects are reported to have ambushed the deceased's son while armed with a pistol, a panga and a knife.

William Kanyaru is said to have fired one round that missed the targeted son of the deceased before his late father sped to his rescue. The three are said to have shifted their attention to him where they brutally attacked him to death.

When police started hunting them down, Kanyaru and Johana surrendered at Mutuati Police Station, but not with the pistol that Kanyaru had been using. He (Kanyaru) made the police believe that the third suspect (Meeme) who is still at large was the one possessing it, until last night.

At around 11pm last night, the area assistant chief got wind that William Kanyaru's daughter Kawira had something related to the murder being investigated, who went ahead to mobilize Nyumba Kumi members to join him in the visit to her house.

But somehow she managed to spot the uninvited guests at that hour of the night and, unwilling to hear them out, scampered away. While at it, she dropped a green shopping bag which upon inspection was found to contain her father's pistol loaded with six rounds of ammunition.

The firearm was surrendered at Mutuati Police Station as Kawira joins the list of wanted suspects in the 70-year-old's murder.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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