YouTuber DJ feared dead after leaping from a cruise ship off Brazil ‘following row’ with girlfriend over their two-year romance

 Wednesday, January 3, 2024 – A YouTube DJ is feared dead after he leaped from a cruise ship into the sea following a row with his girlfriend on what should have been a dream trip.

Carlos Alberto Mota Candreva, 32, had posted videos to his social media pages from the ship as it sailed from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro along Brazil’s South Atlantic Ocean coast.

Carlos had booked for the two-day New Year trip with model agency boss Vitoria Barbara Momenso, 27.

In one of his Instagram posts, Carlos told his followers: ‘Still here at the Port of Santos, we are waiting to leave.

‘Let’s see what it will be, there’s a party tonight. My suitcase hasn’t arrived at the cabin door yet. We’re here, enjoying it.’

A few hours later, Carlos reportedly threw himself more than 200 feet into the ocean after an angry row with Vitoria over their two-year romance.

According to local media, Carlos wanted an exclusive and official relationship with Vitoria, who wanted to stay casual.

Crew members on the ‘New Year’s Eve On The High Seas’ cruise raised the alarm after Carlos disappeared in the early hours of December 30.

Vitoria told local media: ‘He thought he couldn’t see me with someone else, that he couldn’t handle it.’

She revealed that Carlos stormed off and came back telling her she was making a fool of him before jumping into the sea.

Vitoria said: ‘I was very shocked. I just froze.

‘I can’t eat, I’m trying to eat, but it’s not going down.

‘I will definitely have to go to therapy. I’m going to be traumatised for the rest of my life.’

His sister, 44-year-old Christiane Mota da Silva, told local media: ‘I lost my best friend, my confidant, my partner.

‘I have a feeling of emptiness. My eyes don’t close, only tears come out. The feeling is that they took the best part of me.’

Cruise operators MSC Cruzeiros confirmed that a passenger was reported missing while the vessel was sailing to Angra dos Reis, an island paradise on the way to Rio.

They said in a statement to local media: ‘A thorough search was carried out on board and it was confirmed that the guest intentionally jumped overboard.

‘The incident was immediately reported to the competent authorities and the Coast Guard released the ship to continue its journey.’

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