Woman kills her two children and herself after fight with husband

Tuesday, January 16, 2024
 – A mother has killed herself and her two children after leaving behind two suicide notes to explain her motive.

Amina, 31, fed her two kids – a son aged 10 and a daughter aged 5 – yoghurt laced with rat poison, and she also took the poisoned yoghurt.

Their bodies were found in their rented room.

Amina wrote two notes, one to her husband in which she told him that he is responsible for her death and the children's.

The second note was to her family where she apologised for her actions but said she is tired of life and the fights with her husband.

"I love you all," was her last post on her WhatsApp status.

Scrolla.Africa spoke to the deceased’s brother-in-law Robert Majekwana who confirmed that he found an open bottle of juice, open containers of yoghurt and rat poison.

Robert said he received a call from one of Amina’s brothers to inform his wife (the deceased’s sister who is married to Robert) that Amina and her two children had not been seen for some time.

“As we left our home in Kempton Park to go to Ivory Park, we received a second call telling us that my sister-in-law had been found dead in their rented room,” said Robert.

“When I got to their room, I found their cold lifeless bodies on the floor. There was no prospect of life.”

Amina had left two suicide notes in their room in Ivory Park’s Tokyo section near Tembisa.

To her ex-husband, the father of both children, she wrote: “My death and the death of my two children are in your hands. You are responsible . . .”

To her family, she wrote: “I am sorry. I had to do this. But I am tired of life.”

Authorities were called to the scene and paramedics certified all three to be dead.

Neighbours say they have been robbed of a friendly community member.

“She never showed any sign of depression. Her children were sweet and always happy playing outside with other children. We will miss them,” said one neighbour.

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