Stalker who claims SHAKIRA is his wife, is arrested outside the singer's Miami home after sending wine, chocolate, and toys to her

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
 – A suspected stalker who claims singer, Shakira is his wife has been arrested after allegedly sending her gifts of wine, chocolate, and toys through the mail.

Daniel John Valtier was taken into custody Monday outside her home in Miami and charged with one count of stalking, according to an arrest report.

The 56-year-old, from El Paso, Texas, allegedly shared multiple posts on social media about Shakira which were handed to authorities by her security team on January 3.

He showed up at the singer's home just five days later at 12.45am in a taxi before he was arrested.

Valtier was booked into jail and appeared in court Tuesday, where he said he couldn't comply with an order to stay away from the Colombian singer.

She’s my wife,' he told the judge. 'I speak to her all the time.'

Shakira's security team told Valtier to stop sending her gifts and posting details about her online.

But they grew concerned when they spotted an Instagram post in which he allegedly boasted about going to the artist's Miami Beach home and shared a photo of a business card for a motel in Florida.

Valtier was charged with stalking as well as hiring a vehicle with intent to defraud for not paying the $70 fare.

Prosecutors asked for him to be held on a $50,000 when he appeared in court on Tuesday.

The judge ordered Valtier to stay away from Shakira and not to contact her despite the suspect's claims they were married.

'No sir, she is not your wife,' the judge responded. 'I have some concerns, real concerns right now because this man is delusional.'

The judge then doubled the bond to $100,000 and ordered Valtier to stop sending packages and trying to speak to Shakira.

In a previous post, the suspected stalker wrote about how he would marry the singer and open a business with her. He spoke about how he had a relationship with her children and went on to share their names.

'Kids adopt them when I am married to Shakira she wants to be American like her father, and share the rest of her life with me, we will own a trucking business sing songs promote manage and own a garment manufacturing corporation worldwide,' he wrote.

Valtier has a criminal history which stretches back to 1988 and has been arrested for charges including drugs, aggravated assault, driving while intoxicated and public intoxication.

He was last arrested in El Paso in 2019 for criminal trespass, according to jail records.  

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