Muslims react as a Muslim LADY weds a Non-Muslim man

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
 – Muslims on the internet have reacted to a lovely video of a Muslim lady who got married to a non-Muslim man.

The lady with the handle on TikTok @Lightsmummy shared the video on her page with the caption;

‘My non-Muslim husband wrapped me in Quaran, tesbir, praying mat, Khimar and ablution kettle as a gift. When asked why, he said ‘I married her a Muslim and she remains one forever, I am not letting her leave the God that brought her to me’.

While many celebrated the couple's love story, some Muslims argued that the marriage is null and void as a Muslim lady is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim. One person argued that it is only a Muslim man that is allowed to marry a non-Muslim but women are not offered such choices.

Watch the lovely video and see the divergent reactions below

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