Moment angry CNN host KATE BOULDAN knocks off lawmaker who questioned her preparation on live TV (VIDEO)

Saturday, January 13, 2024
 – CNN host Kate Bolduan became visibly annoyed on live TV and called out US Lawmaker, Rep. Thomas Massie, (R-Ky.) on Friday for suggesting that she had not thoroughly prepared for their interview.

During an appearance on "CNN News Central," Massie was asked about his past criticism of Nikki Haley after the presidential candidate on Wednesday claimed Massie was "the most anti-Israel Republican" in Congress.

Kate Bolduan then referenced a pro-Israel resolution that Massie voted against. The "Reaffirming the State of Israel's right to exist" resolution, in part, "rejects calls" for the destruction of Israel and condemns attacks by Hamas against the Jewish state.

"Recognizing that denying Israel's right to exist is a form of antisemitism. You do not support —," Bolduan said before Massie cut her off.

Massie interjected; "That's the name of the resolution; congratulations, you're able to read the name of the resolution. I don't vote on the names,"

"Oh, congressman, I don't think you're trying to question my intelligence now, are you?" Bolduan replied.

Massie in response,  denied Bolduan's assertion and said was merely saying she did not have time to prepare for the interview like he did.

"Do you mean the two pages that I read in two minutes this morning and highlighted? The 'Resolved that the House of Representatives…?" Bolduan said.

"Yeah, it took two minutes," Massie said before chuckling.

Massie's comments appeared to surprise Bolduan, who replied with a short "Oh." He then continued to criticize Bolduan's interview preparation.

"Good for you, you took minutes. There have been 19 resolutions. I know what's in all of them. I studied them," Massie continued. "I say right on social media, if you've done a little more research, you wouldn't have to ask me if I acknowledge Israel's right to exist. It's right there on my social media."

She then said that given his comments on social media and the resolution's content, the question was worth re-asking.

Bolduan added that the network would continue to do more research but did not appreciate "when someone even suggests or insinuates that I'm not prepared."

Getting in one last dig, Massie said, "You did some research."

Co-anchor Sara Sidner smirked as Bolduan tossed to her after the interview, saying, "That was enlightening."..

Watch the video below

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