INSECURITY: CCTV captures a motorbike-riding thug accosting a family outside Siana Apartments in Parklands – Kenya is turning into a gangland (Watch Video).


Wednesday, January 3, 2024 – A family in Nairobi’s Parklands area was robbed at gunpoint by a motorbike-riding thug as insecurity in different parts of the city escalates.

The victims were standing outside Siana Apartments when an armed thug dressed in a black hoodie and a cap to conceal his identity jumped out of a motorbike and brandished a pistol.

He accosted them and robbed them at gunpoint.

In the video, the ruthless thug is seen snatching valuables from the terrified victims.

They avoid a confrontation and surrender their valuables to the armed thug.

The thug moves towards a car that is parked nearby and robs the passengers.

He then flees in a motorbike after accomplishing his robbery mission.

Some of the items stolen include phones and handbags.

The video has sparked mixed reactions from X users.

One of the users wrote, “If only some law abiding citizens with licenses were armed it could have turned out like Brazil the moment he turned his back to get on the motorcycle”.

Another user wrote, “Guys, it’s time you realise cars are weapons too. There is that vannnette oncoming that could’ve knocked that motorbike down”.

Watch the video.

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