“I will pick my CS date myself. I’m not a Hebrew woman” – Pregnant LADY tells people wishing her ‘easy labour’


Sunday, December 31, 2023 – A pregnant

lady called Mimma Ovio has said she will be delivering her baby through via C-section instead of natural birth

“Random people who do not know me , meet me outside and once they realise I’m pregnant they be like “don’t worry , you will push with ease and you won’t know when the baby comes out,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday, December 31.

“I know it’s good wishes but never mind, I’m never gonna push anything, I will pick my CS date myself . I’m not a Hebrew woman , I’m an igbo woman.

“The most important thing is that my boy comes out and we both are okay , every other thing does not count , leave my ikpu alone the way it was created, I no want . Even baby D was Cs so wetin make them think say I will ever want to push a baby?”

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