Go to the war front yourself and die – Wives and girlfriends of Russian soldiers send message to PUTIN


Tuesday, December 19, 2023 – The wives and girlfriends of mobilised Russian soldiers have demanded that president Vladimir Putin goes to the frontline ‘and dies’.

Protests and demands to end the slaughter in Ukraine have seen a surge throughout Russia as young men continue to die en masse.The women’s protest channel slammed Putin’s reasons for staging a war which is estimated to have killed and maimed over 300,000 Russians, amid clear signs of a female backlash against forced mobilisation.

In a message on Telegram channel, The Way Home, the group which demands a return of mobilised men, they told the dictator: ‘Vladimir Putin, what have you brought people to? We Russians have no hope left under your leadership.

‘Finish your work and sit down at the negotiating table.’

The Way Home asked: ‘What the hell are denazification and demilitarisation? Do you yourself understand what you are talking about?

‘Every time you say these words, people die. Let us live in peace! Or go to the front yourself – and die.’

‘This will not happen, because the interests of authorities must be served at the expense of the soldiers – ordinary Russians.

‘How cynical do you have to be to continue this bacchanalia and put a good face on a bad game? Won’t you stop until you kill all the young ones?’

The channel showed a video of mobilised soldier Alexander Shpilevoy, 27, who told Putin on video: ‘Just let them go home, everybody wants to go home, everybody really wants to go home.’

Alexander said Russian propaganda pumps out a narrative that Ukrainian soldiers are sent to war like ‘meat’ – yet says this is exactly what is happening in Russia.

The mobilised ‘don’t give a damn at all’ about Putin’s justification for the war, Alexander said.

He also mocked Putin’s aim of invading to ‘demilitarise’ Ukraine, warning this was leading to a Russian bloodbath.

Alexander added: ‘I’d like to believe it, I’d like to believe it, but I don’t, about the goals of the war, about the goals of demilitarisation.’

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