Felon who attacked judge during sentencing now in solitary confinement

Sunday, January 7, 2024
 – Deobra Redden, the “flying” felon who attacked a Vegas judge has now been hit with more charges and is now placed in solitary confinement.

Deobra Redden was moved to a solo cell following his violent outburst where he leapt over the bench at Judge Mary Kay Holthus earlier this week, punching her in the head and pulling her hair while court staffers rushed to her aid.

This occurred while he was in court for a previous conviction for attempted battery with substantial bodily harm. His attorney had asked Judge Holthus for parole, but she chose to sentence the 3-time felon instead which set him off and led to the attack.

Redden has been classified as a "2C" inmate, which is the most restrictive classification in the Clark County Jail.

This means Redden is solo in a cell, without any interactions with other inmates. He also eats alone, inside the cell and has very limited time outside.

Judge Holthus was unharmed but shaken up by the incident. Another court employee required 25 stitches to close a gash on his head.

Redden has been hit with a slew of new felonies for the attack; including coercion with force or threat of force, extortion, intimidating public officers/others with the use of force, disregard of the safety of person/property, and battery by prisoner, probationer, or parolee.

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