BRUTAL REVENGE: Lady vandalizes her boyfriend’s house and pours bags of spices, rice, flour and washing powder on his bed after she caught him cheating (VIDEO).


Thursday, January 4, 2024 – A jilted lady took revenge on her cheating boyfriend by vandalizing his house when he was away and filmed the act.

In the trending video, the ruthless lady pours bags of spices, rice, flour, and washing powder on her boyfriend’s bed to teach him a lesson for cheating on her

Her friend is seen standing by and recording the whole ordeal.

The shocking display of rage has sparked intense discussions, particularly in the current climate of gender-based violence.

Men be careful, never ignore such red signs. A woman who does this to you can also kill you,’’ an X user wrote.

‘’Maybe the man celebrated the lady’s exit from his life. Won’t stay with a dark heart like this one even if I was the man. Good riddance,’’ another user wrote.

Watch the video.

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